BAR & BBQ Kitchen

Lunch Special

콤보 Combo

돌솥 비빔밥 Dolsot Bibimbap

(+ 찌개 Jjigae $3 Extra)
Choice of Doenjang, Sundubu or Kimchi Jjigae



찌개  Stews





Korean B.B.Q

닭고기 Chicken
생선 Fish
야채 Vegetables
치즈 Fresh Cheese
소고기 Prime grade Beef
와슈규 Washugyu Beef
돼지고기 Pork


Korean BBQ Platters

찌개 Stews

구이 Gui

면류 Noodles

돌솥 비빔밥 Dolsot Bibimbap





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Dons Bogam Black blends the exquisite tastes of authentic, upscale Korean cuisine with a modern and
intimately chic atmosphere that’s both fun and stylish.

Guests can expect to find the same level of authentic Korean cuisine in an exquisite setting at this second
midtown spot. The elegant new 4,000 square foot, 200 seat space features an inviting bar (40 seats),
impressive 40 foot long video wall with stunning rotating imagery of Korea, custom made decorative
elements and lighting imported from Korea creating a fun, energetic vibe.

Our signature Washugyu and prime beef is cooked tableside on the latest hi-tech roving carts that eliminate
smoke while searing in flavor, accompanied by a selection of banchan. In addition to BBQ, the menu features
appetizers, noodles, gui, stews and bibimbap. Bar & lounge seating, fusion cocktails and a menu full of Korean
specialties are just a few of the amenities that make Dons Bogam Black a truly unique encounter.


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